Sport Utility Vehicles

A sport utility vehicle, more commonly known as a SUV, is a type of vehicle that is designed to combine a passenger vehicle with the towing capacity of pickup truck. An SUV has the carrying capacity and interior space similar to a minivan or station wagon. There are various sizes of Sport Utility Vehicles on the market today. SUV’s that are smaller in size have fewer seats or less cargo room.

A sport utility vehicle is also known as an off road vehicle or a four wheel drive vehicle. This means that the vehicle can be driven over different type of terrain or it can go through places where a car or minivan might not be able to go. Not all sport utility vehicles have the four by four options and some may be considered an all wheel drive vehicle. When a vehicle is considered an off road vehicle, it is a different type of vehicle. These vehicles are different because they are built for a different type of performance than a car or a typical automobile. More and more vehicles are being designed today so that they are capable of going off road.

In recent years in the United States, Canada and Australia, the popularity of sport utility vehicles has increased. People are enjoying the size of the vehicle because of the great deal of cargo room in a SUV. There is also a perceived feeling safety associated with riding in an SUV. In Australia the most sought after SUV is the off road vehicle. It is great for traveling over rougher terrains such as the outback.

Like with other vehicles, there are other models of SUVs that are being designed for luxury in addition to performance. The main reason for the production of these luxury items is simply a marketing tool; its sole purpose is to sell more high performance vehicles.